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Speakers 20 april

Speakers about Serverless, Blockchain, testing and digital development

Bert Ertman
Serverless: The future of cloud

Are you still using Docker in production? Get over it! Serverless is the NEW future of the Cloud. But since the Cloud is still someone else’s computer, that needs to be managed too. And if it is sitting idle, you probably have to pay for it whether you like it or not. No server can be more easily managed than no server. Therefore: meet Serverless, a new paradigm that truly approaches the Pay-as-You-Go philosophy once promised by the Cloud. This talk explores Serverless, its impact on existing architectures, and assesses it’s usability for Mobile Back-ends as a Service (MBaaS), Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) and also for Microservices based architectures hosted in the cloud. Internet connectivity permitting, there will be demos too.

Fabio Franco
Why Blockchain?

Often the usage of Blockchain is challenged and deemed unnecessary. Knowing when and why it adds real value is key to understanding the potential of the technology. I aim to clarify that.


Mandy Wertwijn
Who is your user?

Have you ever felt you are developing something no end user will ever understand without an extensive manual? Have you ever questioned who you actually are developing for or why a specific design needs to be implemented in the first place? Have you ever had the feeling your involvement in the project came just too late leading to a forced change of scope? In this talk I will explain why these type of situations occur and what you can do about them.

Ruud Welling
Writing hundreds of testcases at once using Property Based Testing

In this interactive coding session we will teach you the basics of property based testing (using a property based testing libraries for java and scala). We will do some bug-hunting to explore the possibilities of property based testing, so bring your own laptop. You will discover that this method allows you to write testcases which find bugs that would otherwise have gone unnoticed in your unit tests.

workshops 20 april 2018
Data, code and design workshops

Openshift<br/> DevLabs


Containerizing applications with Openshift? Learn how to start implementing the platform. In this interactive workshop RedHat's solution engineer Roel Hodzelmans will guide you through it.

Internet<br/> of Things <br/> (fully booked)

of Things
(fully booked)

This workshop is fully booked, subscribing to the waitinglist is still possible.
We love tinkering with Arduino! Come build with us using the Wemos D1 mini and join us in this hands-on workshop. Next to that we will also introduce you to Blynk. This is your chance! Not only will you take your first steps in building your very own mobile dashboard, you will also learn how easy it is to hook it up with a Wemos D1. We even have a cherry on top for you: How to analyse data and dashboarding using Grafana! If this doesn't get you excited nothing will! So sign up and claim your spot. And do bring your own laptop. You'll need it…

Virtual <br/>Reality


VR expert Ton Schoots is working on a real cool interactive workshop where you can step into the fascinating world of 3D.

How to pitch your idea?

How to pitch your idea?

At the end of this high energy workshop you are ready to successfully pitch your ideas. How to capture your audience and get your message across. How to connect to your listeners. How to expand your skill set with all the right tools needed to pitch all your ideas effectively. You will learn it all during this workshop. Personal branding expert Victoria - strategy partner at Business Meets Sports - is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with you! Feel ready for it? Are you full of ideas yet? This is the moment to practice what you pitch!

Abseiling from our HQ

Abseiling from our HQ

This one is for all you true daredevils out there... because boy, do we have something for you! Something seriously awesome to do while you wait for the next presentation or workshop or just need to work up an appetite. So this your chance to feel like Spiderman! What to do? Climb out of one of our HQ windows and start abseiling in style!

Disclaimer Springbreeze 2018: Throughout the day there will be people taking pictures of the day itself and of all the presentations and workshops. Some filming will be taking place as well.