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20 april 2018 at Trivento HQ, Amersfoort


An event for

Data people
and Digital developers

A conference where
code and people meet

Speakers 20 april

Speakers about Serverless:
The Future of Cloud and Blockchain

Bert Ertman
Serverless: The future of cloud

Are you still using Docker in production? Get over it! Serverless is the NEW future of the Cloud. But since the Cloud is still someone else’s computer, that needs to be managed too. And if it is sitting idle, you probably have to pay for it whether you like it or not. No server can be more easily managed than no server. Therefore: meet Serverless, a new paradigm that truly approaches the Pay-as-You-Go philosophy once promised by the Cloud. This talk explores Serverless, its impact on existing architectures, and assesses it’s usability for Mobile Back-ends as a Service (MBaaS), Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) and also for Microservices based architectures hosted in the cloud. Internet connectivity permitting, there will be demos too.

Mandy Wertwijn
Who is your user?

Have you ever felt you are developing something no end user will ever understand without an extensive manual? Have you ever questioned who you actually are developing for or why a specific design needs to be implemented in the first place? Have you ever had the feeling your involvement in the project came just too late leading to a forced change of scope? In this talk I will explain why these type of situations occur and what you can do about them.

to be announced

We’ll update you as soon as we can confirm our key-speaker of the day.

workshops 20 april 2018
Data, code and design workshops

Openshift<br/> DevLabs


Containerizing applications with Openshift? Learn how to start implementing the platform. We'll soon give more information about this workshop.

Internet<br/> of Things

of Things

We're quite excited about tinkering with Arduino! Are you? Come build with us and join us in this hands-on workshop. More information soon.

Virtual <br/>Reality


More information about this workshops will be announced soon.

Other workshops / Pitch your idea / Abseiling from our HQ /
more to be announced...


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